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Selected Commissions and Freelance Work

Development of Creative Fields, Art & Environmental project for Regeneration & Inspiration.
Design and construction of 30 foot diametre living willow dome.
Darius Wilson Associates with installation at J.M. Barrie museum, Peter Pan Moat Brae Trust, Dumfries.
Concept and delivery of Kilmarnock town centre
community arts inspiration project, Project Inspirall. 
Ceremonial Mace Hero Prop for “The Cry” film for Synchronicity Films Ltd.
Production of large 14 ft x 14 ft mobile rocky outcrop for Outlander series 4 advertising images.

Sculptural bench commission for South Ayrshire council, Ayr history trail.
Private commissions for sculptural Oak throne.
Special Effects for “Long Night at Blackstone” film for
Hopscotch Films
Director of a Halloween experience at Kilmarnock Railway station

Artist working with Wave Particle
Wave Particle for Network Rail Kilmarnock underpass project.
Freelance props for
Darius Wilson Associates and The Royal Shakespeare company.
Senior prop maker on LIFE feature film, for 3 week’s intensive.
Self-initiated. Video project with talking cloud and set and metal sculpture.
St Andrews Club house stone effects for Pretty Scenic and Tommie’s Honour Feature film.
Film location provision, sets, props and puppet for
Moon Dogs feature film.
Design and construction of 1950s style Robot costume for Ardbeg Whisky commercial.
Construction of 1m high Give { } Cycle Space letters on plinths for Cycling Scotland.
Adaption of golf buggies, including building, upholstering and fitting airline seats, illuminating safety belt signs and logos for use in American Airlines safety video.
Art Department and special effects, Fire and Snow for Gala Bingo commercial for MTP.
Art Direction, construction management and build of a 100ft long set including 4 rooms and a 30ft coved wall for
Digby Brown commercial for STV Creative.
Art Direction and set build for BBC What’s Funny comedy about the referendum, sketch show.
Bicycle shop set for Waterloo Road TV drama.
Rain machine, snow storm, wind and ice effects
ITV National weather sponsors, Digby Brown.
Soft prop breeze blocks, soft scissors and bingo machine prop for Barney Thompson film.
Special effects drips for ITV creative idents.
Stone carving animals for North Ayrshire Council natural play area.

Automated and Illuminated peace keeper case for
Mattesson's Sausage advert for designer Mike Gunn and Rattling Stick.
Puppet design and construction of a giant mechanical bull, flapping metallic bird and carved wooden boy for the Citizens Theatre production, The Jungle Book.
Design and build of a 10m translucent Dragon puppet and 20 illuminating clouds for National theatre of Scotland and Vox Motus production of Dragon.
Life cast figure sculptures and rock set feature for Scottish Opera production of Don Giovani.
Prosthetic dead body props and bird cage for ITV, Shetland production.
Four small Loch Ness monsters for
visitor attraction.
Scale model train station bikes and articulated figure for Danny MacAskill,
Red Bull video shoot.
Full size T Rex fossil skull for
Ardbeg whisky viral advertisement for Story UK advertising agency.
Production designer for A New Years Tale for The Harbour Arts Centre.
12ft Prop wall for Shetland production for ITV productions and the BBC.
A community inspired sculptural bench for North Ayrshire Council.
Set designer for The Allotment stage play for South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture.
Fibreglass cave, nest, eggs, water, and adaptations of 20-year-old grp monsters for
visitor attraction.
A 4 ft open mouthed Loch Ness Monster head with illuminating eyes for
visitor attraction.
Set designer for Its an Awfie good Life, for the Borderline Theatre Co
30 ft x 12 ft Loch Ness Monster for Nessieland visitor attraction.
Various props, including taxidermy animals, animal dissections, lamps and a man trap for the Young James Herriot film for the BBC.
Film location provision of cottage set and props for
Ardbeg Whisky Viral Advert for Story UK advertising agency.
Giant 15 ft Birdcage prop for Dance point performance school.

Santa’s sleigh for Hallmark TV film The Santa Incident designed and built for Parallel films.
Glass snow globes with Spitfires and blood pool props for Taggart and STV Productions Ltd.
Pattern replica of 3ft high European football trophy for bronze cast by John McKenna of A4A Art for Architecture for their statue of Jock Stein. 
Design and construction of a carved, oak book bench, for Clarkston Primary School and North Lanarkshire Council.
Architectural model landscape of an experimental housing scheme for West Bengal.
Design and production of a model bronze age Crannog for East Ayrshire museums.

Management and production of a model set and props for Robinsons Be Natural fruit juice advertisement for TV and Web, for designer Mike Gunn and Rattling Stick
Co-designer and modelmaker of miniature cityscape sketch model, including lighting and photography, built and shot at my studios, for feature film pilot Oculista for director Sven Frédéric Werner.
A 2m sq sand castle/city for The Miss Jones Agency and photographer Victor Albrow.
A reconstruction 15-century leather and feather covenanter’s mask for the National Museums of Scotland.
Design and construction of a life size statue of Elvis in a white marble effect for a private client.

Construction management of 30ft sq x 10ft high multi-coloured set and props for designer Jamie McWilliams for STV’s Gaelic production SASTA, art show for children. 
Design and production of a sandblasted glass wall featuring the skyline of Hong Kong for the Dragon Royal restaurant, Kilmarnock.
Temporary lecturer at Glasgow Metropolitan College HND, NQ Model Making & Design Foundation.
Seals head for Darius Wilson Associates for Newcastle Museum interactive display.
Design and production of a “Tribute to the Miners” for Drongan village carved from 3 tons of Portland stone for East Ayrshire Council and Drongan community.
8ft carved lollypop totem designed and built for Robert Douglas Memorial School.
1/10th scale motorized model of 2500-watt wind turbine for Proven Engineering.
20ft high, translucent fox glove sculpture/replica for Sorn community and East Ayrshire Woodlands.
Design and construction of golf putting exhibition game for Standard Life Investments.
Hone stone plaque for Stair community.

Assisting West Oaklands community, design and build motorbike costumes and Cadillac float for Ayr Carnival.
Prototype carnyx for use as film prop in Alexander the Great feature film.
Construction of translucent beanstalk in forced perspective for publicity for Standard Life.
Design and production of 2m high translucent liver fluke mascot for campaign and exhibition for SAC Veterinary Science Division.
Display of archaeological dig for Dundonald Castle and South Ayrshire Council.

Design and production of 25 cold cast bronze figurines for Teesland Group awards.
6 large shields and artefacts cabinet for Dundonald Castle and South Ayrshire Council.
Working scale model of wind turbine for Proven Engineering.

Pen and ink illustrations, logo, and calligraphic text for Loch Doon Woodland Project and Millennium Forrest Trust.
Photo collage book jacket cover for Fort Publishing: book "Yorkshire Pie: a Selection of Tales”.
Birch ply and backlit Perspex architectural model for DEGW and Jung Fensee Potsdam.
Heraldic shield display in metal and stone effect for Dundonald Castle and South Ayrshire Council.

Pen and ink map illustrations and calligraphic text for Fort Publishing: book "Glasgow's other River: Exploring the Kelvin".

Crash test dummy costumes for Asylum Models and Effects: Audi commercial (Germany).
Sets for Derrick Hendon: Alton Towers Vertical Drop Commercial.
Silver wire globe and translucent continents for SPC International ident.
Exhibition stands and displays for Harris Blyth: Earl’s Court and NEC.
Alien landscapes/caves and spiders for the Magic Model Company: feature film Lost in Space.
1/4 scale classical architectural details and buildings for the Magic Model Company: feature film Avengers.

Spaceship and GP police logo for computer game packaging: Sony Playstation.
Mechanical logo and distressed battle ship background for computer game packaging: Electronic Arts Ltd.

Forced perspective landscape for Asylum Models and Effects: Golden Wonder commercial.
Rotating wire gridline globe for Asylum Models and Effects: EBN titles.
Animated cartoon skeletal parrot for Asylum Models and Effects: Quaker Oats commercial.
Coal mine and railway sets for Asylum Models and Effects: Weetabix commercial.
Articulated crash test dummies for Asylum Models and Effects: VW commercial.
Office sets for Cable and Wireless promo for ITN.
Image of group of figures in Giacometti style for People Management magazine.
Rail tunnel and cave sets for the Magic Model Company: feature film Pinocchio.
Model castle and city for the Magic Model Company: feature film First Knight.

Model skyscrapers for Asylum Models and Effects: VW “off the roof” T.V. advertisement.
Scrap metal logos, sets and photography for Destruction Derby and Assault Rigs covers: Sony Playstation.   
Extensive illustrative model making and photography for Dorling Kindersley, Time Life Publications.

Guns for the Magic Model Company: feature film Judge Dredd.
BBC1 ident Stonehenge for Artem Effects.
Toy soldier plus props for Gerry Judah Ltd.: MasterCard commercial.
Abstract stainless steel music score for John Hamilton Photography.
Dinosaur skeleton jigsaw for Artem Effects: Crystal Maze T.V. show.
Animatronic cactus for Artem Effects.
Channel 4 logo for Dinomania title sequence for Artem Effects.
Numerous pen and ink and colour illustrations for Care Weekly and Inside Housing magazines.
10" exploding pound coins for This Week documentary: Thames T.V. title sequence.
Figures constructed in vegetables and vitamins for first issue cover of Insight magazine.
Molecular models in forced perspective commissioned by M.C.W.: Oracle brochure cover.
Snails, slime and printed circuits for G.G.K. press advertisement: I.B.M.

Design and production of hi tech. butterflies for Pilot Models: press advertisements for Microsoft.
Stone effect reliefs for Hill Murray Corporate Advertising.

Flowers and plants for museum display: The Wellcome Institute.
Artefact replicas for Gerry Judah Ltd.: Expo' 92.

Italy relief map styled on work of 6 Italian Artists for Steve Wilsher Creative Effects: T.V. titles to "Italian Cookery".
Numerous animals for Pilot Models: 48 sheet poster campaign for G.A.N. insurance.
Larger than life Rodin's Thinker in aluminium effect for Camargue Communications.
Giant feathers for Pilot Models: Austin Knight publicity exhibition "The Bait" at Earls Court.

Upside down room set in forced perspective for Pilot Models and Drayton.
Animals for Pilot Models: poster and press campaign for Export 33.
Backgrounds and sets for brochures and press advertisements for Pilot Models for BMW, Fiat, V.W. and Audi.

Models for Steve Wilsher Creative Effects: title sequence for British Film and T.V. awards.
Flaming torch for Pilot Models: cover of Olympic issue of the Radio Times.
Industrial architecture and figures for prize winning Lilliputian advertisements for Pilot Models for Honda lawn mower.

Life casting and remodelling of figures for H. & H. Sculptors: The British Army Museum.
Props for Tetra Design: T.V. quiz show Jigsaw.

Crocodile for Pilot Models: press and poster campaign for Cross Pens.
Design and production of ornate palanquin for National Film and T.V. School production of "Alex" directed and produced by Beeban Kidron.

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